The easy way to look good in print


Missions Impossible. Scrapes, a Speciality

We have some wonderful times with our customers and on odd occasions we’ve received some even odder requests.

“I’ve forgotten to order my exhibition brochures for the Car Show in Northern Ireland.” OK, when is it? ” Tomorrow.”

Ah! While our team printed the pages and all but blew on them to dry the ink ready for folding and binding in record time, Angela booked the flight. Tony drove to the airport with the brochures in his hand luggage. At the other end, he piled straight into a taxi, saying ‘What’s the quickest way to the car exhibition?” to which came the wonderful answer, ‘That would be to go by car.” (We made that bit up.)

“Can you make me a death register?”

No problem We have professional bookbinders in house. Do you have an existing register you’d like us to match?

“Yes but it’s 200 years old.”

No problem. (Our favourite turn of phrase but that’s just down to experience of problem solving and running a happy ship). John relished the challenge.

“Can I come in and supervise while you do the design?”

No problem.  But when the entire school committee arrived, all talking at once, our ever-patient designer, Peter, remembered the old adage that a camel was a racehorse designed by committee and held on tight to the reins!

“I’d like to print one copy of this little book.”

This client wanted a very unusual,120-page book, the size of a cheque book only much thicker with the pages perforated and then bound with some “nice shiny gold” (a technical term) on the cover. The set-up costs back then, ten years ago, to produce one handmade copy would have been about the same as for 500. So we delivered 500. We’ve recently re-printed this inspirational little gem for the 6th time. Some Gemini jobs are a pure act of faith.

“I need 500 full colour photocopies, A3 size, printed and laminated on both sides. Can you do it cheaper and better than we can do it ourselves?”

A typical dilemma among teachers comes with a predictable Gemini answer: No problem. We provide the printing for schools, health authorities, the police and diocesan districts in Manchester, Liverpool, Salford, Wigan and as far away as Bedfordshire. Word travels fast when you’re true to your word! And to customers’ budgets. The reality of DIY printing is it can cost a fortune in materials, ink cartridges and inevitable waste. It uses up hours of your valuable time to design and oversee it. Then, after all that, the quality is unlikely to meet your exacting standards. The fact is, a professional job will always have the edge. It will be crisp, eye-catching and current. As our costs are generally  comparable, why compromise? Make it easy on yourself, your nerves, the planet and your pocket.