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To Finish

Gemini goes to Finishing School

Perfect binding, wiro binding, short or long run foiling, folding, cutting and creasing – the whole shebang is available in–house at Gemini Print, using the very latest equipment and materials. And that’s very unusual these days as most printers farm out these specialist finishing jobs which can bump up your prices, of course. Also a rarity are the good old–fashioned skills we have on board here to tackle special jobs such as traditional bookbinding and specialist foiling.

Our people are conversant with just about every process ever invented for high quality printing and finishing. You really have to see them working to appreciate their skill, care and good humour (generally guaranteed by a regular intake of chocolate – hint!).

We consider delivery an essential part of our service to you, whereas we know it’s all too often an expensive, hidden extra elsewhere. It’s worth checking when you’re asking for a quote.

You can also trust our experience. For example, we regularly distribute posters and leaflets to every theatre in the country without our client having to give the logistics a single thought.